Customised Conversions provide bespoke product solutions – converting light fittings to suit individual project requirements.



Examples of typical requests

are conversions to Dual Power, Sensor or Emergency functionality.

Most brands of fittings and components are accepted (on assessment).  In consultation with the Customised Conversions team of experts, light fittings will be adapted based on customers request.

Emergency Conversions

All custom conversions are carried out in our Dublin workshop and site visits are available by appointment.

All converted products are supplied with CE classification in accordance with EN50598-2-22. We also commission sites and provide certificates of compliance of emergency lighting.

Quality   Service
 - CE classification issued
 - Lighting Association certified
 - EN60598-2-22 compliance
 - ISO9002 accreditation
 - Colour coded wiring
     - After sales service                  
 - 72 hour turnaround
 - Site Visits


What Does Conversion Mean?


Product Conversion
Product Conversion takes an existing light fitting and replaces the internal lighting technology to suit a specific requirement without changing the aesthetic look or styling of the fitting.

For example, adding in low wattage lamps into existing 2D fittings to enable low level night lighting, or upgrading 28W 2D fittings to 38W 2D to provide a greater light outputs.

Emergency Conversion
This provides an alternative to self-contained emergency lighting and is the term used for inserting a power pack, sometimes called a conversion module (control module & battery pack) into any mains only luminaire to enable it to also function as a combined mains/ emergency light.  A high intensity LED shall indicate when mains supply is present and the battery pack is accepting charge.

Remote conversion units are used where conversion kits cannot be fitted into fittings or where it is unwise to do so because of high temperatures in the fittings.  Modules fitted in remote enclosures should normally be sited within 300mm of the fitting (max 1 metre).

Integral conversions are dependant on the space available within the fitting and the type of gear used.

“We had difficulty finding the perfect product for our specification. However, once we were put in contact with the Conversions Department at ROBUS they were able to convert a standard fitting that enabled us to complete a site to suit our requirements. The staff are really helpful, and very quickly turned the order around and it was delivered within a few days of our enquiry.”

Mark Lyon, Operations Manager, Midshires Electrical, Northhampton

Example Of What Can We Convert

1 x 10W PLC D/E 1 x 18W Amalgam T/E
2 x 20W PLC D/E 2 x 18W Amalgam T/E
1 x 13W PLC D/E 1 x 26W Amalgam T/E
2 x 13W PLC D/E 2 x 26W Amalgam T/E
1 x 18W PLC D/E 1 x 32W Amalgam T/E
2 x 18W PLC D/E 2 x 32W Amalgam T/E
1 x 26W PLC D/E 1 x 42W Amalgam T/E
2 x 26W PLC D/E 2 x 42W Amalgam T/E


T8   T5
1 x 18W T8   4 x 14W T5
2 x 18W T8   1 x 28W T5
3 x 18W T8   2 x 28W T5
4 x 18W T8   1 x 35W T5
1 x 36W T8   2 x 35W T5
2 x 36W T8   1 x 39W T5
3 x 36W T8   2 x 39W T5
4 x 36W T8   1 x 49W T5
1 x 58W T8   2 x 49W T5
2 x 58W T8   1 x 54W T5











Above are a small example of the fitting types we can convert. Should you have any queries about a fitting you would like to convert, please contact a member of our team for more information.

Who do you talk to?

Our specialists are always at hand to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.


Jason Kennedy

Conversions Manager

Email: jkennedy@ledgrouprobus.com

Mobile: +353 85 758 4185