Welcome to the 2018 LED Group ROBUS Website.

We continue to expand popular ranges and introduce market-led product innovation. Some of the highlights this year are the ROBUS UGR <19 and CCT3 selectable ranges, the ever popular linear fittings, new Low Bay and High Bay fittings and our new range of Street Lighting.

We embrace emerging technologies and the benefits they bring to the market, creating enduring products with low energy, low maintenance, outstanding performance and return on investment.

Throughout the ROBUS catalogue you will see evidence of our promise to supply high quality, reliable lighting products. As a Deloitte Best Managed Company, we are ISO certified and a key member of Lighting Associations across the world. We don't compromise on quality and deliver industry leading QC measures, so you get products your customers can rely on. With 34 years heritage in the lighting industry, the ROBUS brand is available from all leading wholesalers in Ireland and the UK. Whilst our product quality is the foundation to our success, our business is focused on customer relationships, through constant contact and engagement.

In every country in which we operate, our people interact on a daily, ongoing basis with stockists and end users. Our team are charging into 2018 with energy, hard work and thriving upon our customer relationships, building the highest level of trust. Our team is your team! Working with ROBUS is the one simple thing you can do in 2018 to improve your profitability.

We have been fortunate to welcome many new customers over the past year and to maintain the loyalty of 100% of our key stockists.

If you are a customer already, we thank you sincerely and hope you continue your journey with us.

Our business succeeds when your business succeeds.


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