We currently employ over 200 people worldwide. In this section you can meet some of our team members and see their contact details.

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LED Group Directors

Management Team IRL

John Humphery

UK & EU Managing Director

Tel: +44 79 1776 4598

Email: jhumphery@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for overseeing the sales strategy across the UK and Europe, which underpins the achievements of our sales and GP results.

Phil Hunt

UK Sales Director

Tel: +44 79 1933 2636

Email: phunt@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the sales strategy across the UK, which underpins the achievements of our sales and GP results..

Leigh Morrin

Regional Sales Director

Tel: +44 77 9654 0362

Email: lmorrin@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for Sales in UK Northern Region.

 Roger Harold

 Regional Sales Director

 Tel: +44 77 1137 2025

 Email: rharold@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for Sales in UK Southern Region.

Chris Roberts

Regional Sales Manager

Tel: +44 78 2594 1407

Email: croberts@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for Sales in UK Western Region.

Mike G. Slein

Commercial Director

Tel: +353 83 301 0000

Email: mgslein@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for Supply Chain Management

 Robert Campbell

 Key Accounts Manager (Scotland)

 Tel: +44 79 2075 8951

 Email: rcampbell@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for Sales in Scotland

Deirdre Howard

Marketing Manager

Email: dhoward@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the design and implementation of all aspects of marketing activity, communications and spend to drive the group forwards.

Mark Walshe

QC Manager and R&D Advisor

Email: mwalshe@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for quality control procedures and controlled new product development.

Connie Wu

General Manager - China

Email: connie@led-group.com

Responsible for group operations in China

Laura Lawlor

Internal Sales Manager

Email: llawlor@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the Sales Support centre.

Mike Biggs

Training Manager

Email: mbiggs@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for training internal staff and customers on all new product introductions, alongside technical calls in the field.

Aisling Byrne

Purchasing Manager

Email: abyrne@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the purchasing and importing of products for sale.

LED Group Pat KellyPat Kelly

Research, Development and Innovation Director

Email: pkelly@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for Technology Development, Technology Pathfinding, Engineering of R&D products and delivery of innovative lighting products and systems.

Claire Mahony

New Product Development Manager

Email: cmahony@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the research and development of new and innovative products.

Henry Bradley

IT Manager

Email: hbradley@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the group's telecommunication & information technology.

Liam Mahady

Operations Manager

Email: lmahady@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for logistics in importing, storage and delivery of products for sale.

Patrick Dunne

Customised Conversions Operations Manager

Email: pdunne@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the administration and daily operation of Customised Conversions

Jason Kennedy

Customised Conversions Manager

Email: jkennedy@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the running, technical and quality of Customised Conversions

Michele Lynch

National Lighting Store Manager

Email: mlynch@ledgrouprobus.com

Responsible for the running and administration of National Lighting.