Customer testimonials below give honest feedback on how ROBUS products are regarded, and also on the level of customer service you can expect from the LED Group.



"ROBUS is my brand of choice for energy efficient lighting. We recently completed a large domestic project and the client was really delighted with the LED lighting we installed throughout the house and garden. I also use their fire rated downlights, I know they’re good quality, easy to install and meet all necessary building regulations."
Mark Simpson, Futureproof Electrical.



"We have used ROBUS products on many of our commercial projects – in particular their range of Golf surface fittings. They look great, are easy to install and are reliable so I know my clients will be happy with the results. "

Richard Bowker, Bowker LTD.


"I’m always happy to use ROBUS products – I’ve been using the TRILED LED Downlight fitting in a lot of recent projects. The lux levels on these fitting are great so I know my client will be happy with the results. The local sales rep is always available to answer any queries or assist on project design so they are very easy to work with."

Jeremy Smith, Morecrofts




"It’s easy to work with ROBUS – the range covers a multitude from lamps to commercial fittings so I can place my order with the wholesaler – know that the stocks are available and trust that the product will perform. The sales support is super as well."

Brian Healy, Brian Healy Electrical




"We have been using ROBUS LED panel and LED ROBUS Golf for a few years and they have greatly improved our set up in sheltered schemes for the visually impaired and will lower energy and maintenance costs. The LED panel light fitting features in most of our sheltered schemes. They’re easy to install and are tried and tested so I don’t have to worry about the quality. The lux levels on the fittings are great so they help with meeting building regulations. Also the service and support from the local ROBUS sales representative in my area is really good."

Jason Hayes, North Hertfordshire Homes




"I like to use ROBUS products because the fittings are designed with the installer in mind. I recently used the TRILED downlight in a commercial project, and the fitting couldn’t have been easier to install – cut out template included in the box, remote driver with fast fix connector and the 3 bezel options were supplied with the fitting. On top of this the downlights are performing beyond my expectations, I’d be happy to use them again."
Andrew McGarry, Bridgecourt Electrical




"ROBUS products were recommended to me by my wholesaler and since then I have been using them on a lot of our projects. They have a great range that covers all my lighting needs. Recently I had the opportunity to visit their HQ in Dublin and I was very impressed with their set up and operations."
Chris Robbins, Pride Installations Ltd




"I’ve been using ROBUS products for a while now, they’ve a wide range of lighting suitable for all my project needs. The products are reliable, they’re always introducing new energy efficient versions and the customer support they provide is excellent."
Jason Beecher, Cofely